Billy Bunny Rabbit is on Facebook and Twitter!

Billy Bunny Rabbit joined Facebook and Twitter!  And like most kids, it didn’t take him long to figure out how to post his first comments.  Billy Bunny Rabbit’s very first Facebook post bragged about the new storybook app that was just released about about his first outdoor adventure titled “Billy Bunny Rabbit and His Fearsome Odyssey”.

Another one of Billy Bunny Rabbit’s first posts was a pictures of his bookcase and his mom’s bookcase that he put in his first Facebook photo album.   Billy Bunny Rabbit wants everyone to know he is an avid reader!  Here’s a link to his bookcase that he posted in his first Facebook photo album: Billy Bunny Rabbit’s first Facebook photo album

Billy Bunny Rabbit is also learning to tweet on Twitter and was so excited to get his first follower, @AddictingApp.  He even used a hashtag and link in his post!  Billy Bunny Rabbit said: “My first adventure really showed me there’s a big world outside and I can’t wait to meet everybody!  Facebook and Twitter is going to be one of my bestest playgrounds!”

Hop on over to Facebook and Twitter and follow Billy Bunny Rabbit!  Billy Bunny Rabbit on Facebook
Billy Bunny Rabbit on Twitter
or Billy Bunny Rabbit on Twitter.

You can also hop on over to these App Stores to get Billy Bunny Rabbit’s new storybook app!

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