AMAZING SALON – New Kids App Now Available

NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR iPad, iPhone and iPod!

COMING SOON for your NOOK and Kindle!

Amazing Salon screen snapshots

Amazing Salon is a virtual outdoors playground and salon!

Amazing Salon is a virtual outdoors playground with a twist of salon activities! If you love color, love to laugh, and love surprises you’ll find all of that here. Have fun as you realize that you always have a little bit of the outdoors in lots of things you do, especially when you’re inside playing in the Amazing Salon!

…and no ads or in-app purchases to interrupt your fun!

***** When Amazing Salon gets enough ratings and reviews we’re going to name these silly rascals. We hope you’ll take a minute to rate it soon and even write a review. If you do, include the name you’d like these kids to have because we plan to pick the names from the suggestions in your reviews!






* MAGIC WAND – Creates new and fun hair styles to play with

* REACTIONS – Make the characters react and laugh as you rinse and blow-dry the hair.

* SOUND EFFECTS – Cool and fun sound effects that will keep all you little and big kids laughing as you play.

* NIGHT OR DAY – Who says you can’t do your hair at night! Use the moonlight! Just tap the Sun to make it Night, then tap the Moon to turn it back to Day.

* CUT HAIR – Cut the hair to make cool and fun hairstyles.

* PHYSICS AND PARTICLES – Amazing Salon uses physics and particles so it’s really fun and realistic!

* DECORATE – Use your outdoor imagination and creativity to decorate and hold up the hair with Flowers, Butterflies, Caterpillars , Frogs, and other funny little critters that make funny little noises. 😉

* TAKE A PICTURE – Take a picture and send it to your friends!

* No ads, no in-app purchases to make

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SANTA SALON – Now available in the iTunes Store

Santa Salon is chock full of fun and activity! Tell your friends and give it as a gift for Christmas too!


~ Santa keeps a calendar handy so you can see everyday how many days are left ’til Christmas.

~ Cute ornaments and blinking lights! Be sure to add jingle bells!

–> Santa’s Elves
–> Scissors
–> Razor
–> Hair Dryer
–> 14 Hair Colors
–> 6 Shampoos
–> Rinse
–> Comb
–> Ornaments
–> Fun Reactions
–> Christmas Music
–> Take a picture
–> High resolution graphics
–> Share with friends

✔ Trim and shave Santa’s Beard -> After you’ve trimmed Santa, you’ll see he really needs a shave!
~ Touch the razor, then use your finger to give Santa a nice clean shave.
~ Color and rinse Santa’s five-o’clock shadow for more fun!

✔ SPRAY-ON HAIR COLOR -> 14 Hair Spray Colors
~ Select a Spray-On Hair Color, then drag your finger on Santa’s hair.
~ The Christmas Tree-Top Star changes color as the hair color changes!
~ It’s lots of fun becoming a real hair coloring artist!

✔ SHAMPOO -> Make Suds with 6 different color Bubble Shampoos
~ Just touch one of the Shampoos, then drag your finger across Santa’s beard and hair.

✔ RINSE -> Snowman is full of water…ready to help you rinse off Santa!
~ Touch the Snowman to start the water, then drag your finger across Santa’s beard and hair.
~ Water rinses bubbles…and color too!

✔ BLOW DRY -> Blow dry Santa’s hair and beard using the blow dryer.
~ Touch the blow dryer, then drag your finger on Santa’s belly and the screen to blow-dry Santa’s hair…he loves it!

✔ CUT -> Trim Santa’s beard so you can give him a nice, clean shave.
~ Touch the scissors then drag your finger to trim Santa’s beard his hair.

✔ REACTIONS -> Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s fun to make Santa and the Elves react.

✔ CHRISTMAS MUSIC -> Two lively Christmas songs

✔ TAKE A PICTURE -> Take a picture and send it to your friends!

✔ SHARE WITH FRIENDS-> Share Santa Salon with your friends!
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